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of Contract Management costs.

Business Challenges in Procurement Contract Management

Element 464@2x

Multiple versions of truth from contradicting & siloed databases​

Time and money expenditure on keeping databases and contracts in sync.

Element 465@2x

Manual process of reconciliation

Continuous delays in value settlement.

Element 466@2x

Duplication, tampering, data corruption​

Time expenditure on finding the original source.

Element 467@2x

Lack of a real-time management dashboards

Inefficient management decision-making alongside with inaccurate budget forecasting

Element 468@2x

Non-compliance and complex dispute resolution​

High legal department costs.

Why use KCS for Contract Management

Single-Source of Truth

Provides a distributed ledger kept between multiple parties → Up to 85%* cost reduction on reconciliation

Automatic Value Settlement

Provides instant access to financial obligations of contracts → Up to 12 months* time savings compared to manual reconciliation and value settlement

Verifiable Audit-Trail

With tamper-proof and immutable blockchain records → Audit costs reduction by 80%*

Real-Time Analytics Dashboards

Management can have full confidence in financial processing

Integrated Dispute Mechanism

Built-in resolution mechanism and smart legal language that enables seamless dispute resolution with legal costs reduction by 50%*

* Average data calculated after KCS deployment to our customers

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